NJCAA introduces partnership with Just Play Sports Solutions

Charlotte, NC – The NJCAA has announced a partnership with Just Play Sports Solutions to become the Official Playbook and Scouting Report Solution of the NJCAA. Just Play Sports Solutions serves 600+ teams in football, basketball, and lacrosse at all levels in the United States and internationally by providing playbook, scouting, and teaching tools. 

"We're excited about the opportunity to work directly with the NJCAA, an association rich with history to help navigate a new frontier of both in-person and distanced coaching and player development," stated Austin Barone, Just Play Sports Solutions founder. "In a world that is constantly changing, the NJCAA's commitment to excellence hasn't. We're thrilled to bring a platform and data used by the highest levels to members of the NJCAA."

Just Play Sports Solutions was developed to minimize the workload coaches endure and struggles players experience when preparing for competition. Just Play Sports Solutions streamlines coaches' workflow and allows them to better teach and analyze their teams. The system is rapidly changing how coaches are able to engage with their teams and is being utilized across the country.

"Just Play Sports Solutions will simplify daily processes and keep coaches prepared in the most organized way possible," stated Dr. Christopher Parker, NJCAA President & CEO. "The all-encompassing software will provide our member colleges with numerous coaching tools to train student-athletes visually and effectively."

For more information, visit:  https://justplaysolutions.com/njcaa-just-play/

About Just Play Sports Solutions
Just Play Sports Solutions provides coaches with playbook and game planning tools to prepare faster and engage with today's athlete. From building playbooks, scouting opponents, teaching players, and coordinating recruiting schedules, coaches prepare faster and engage better with today's athletes using Just Play Sports Solutions. 

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