Foundation launches giving campaign as part of NJCAA Forward initiative


Charlotte, NC – The NJCAA Foundation has launched a giving campaign as part of the association's NJCAA Forward initiative to provide member colleges relief from the impact felt surrounding COVID-19.

As NJCAA member colleges face difficulties of an uncertain future, the NJCAA Foundation campaign will distribute all donated funds to member colleges directly.

"Two-year college athletic departments are facing tough decisions due to budget cuts, which could impact thousands of student-athletes," stated NJCAA Foundation Executive Director, Brian Luckett. "Community colleges and junior colleges are the backbone of the U.S. higher education system and decreased opportunities for student-athletes at these colleges would have negative consequences on their education careers and local communities."

The launch of the campaign coincides with the founding date of the national association – May 14, 1938. With 82 years of traditions and triumphs, the NJCAA has been built on the strong-will of its membership. With over 500 member colleges across the nation, the campaign seeks to offset the hardships institutions have faced over the previous two months and the forthcoming unknowns from the coronavirus pandemic.

The NJCAA Foundation Board of Directors have started an initial match challenge and will match the first $20,000 raised from the campaign. The mission of the NJCAA Foundation is to enhance the NJCAA national organization, student-athletes, member colleges and local communities.

The overarching NJCAA Forward initiative, launched on March 27, is a unified social media endeavor that seeks to showcase how two-year colleges are progressing through this uncertain time period of our lives. To learn more about the NJCAA Forward campaign, visit: NJCAA Forward

To make a donation and support NJCAA member colleges and student-athletes today, visit:

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