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NJCAA Governance Structure

The NJCAA recognizes the diverse nature of its membership, providing at all times a consistent and inclusive governance structure. The collective leadership positions outlined below provide guidance to the organization through their respective duties and responsibilities.

To watch an overview of the association's governance structure, visit: NJCAA Governance Structure Video

NJCAA Board of Regents  |  Directory

The NJCAA Board of Regents is composed of a minimum of 37 to a maximum of 39 members. The members include twenty-four (24) Regional Representatives, one (1) Board Chair, one (1) Women’s Senior Administrator, one (1) Men’s Senior Administrator, six (6) Presidential Representatives, and a maximum of six (6) At-Large Representatives. All of these positions are volunteer positions.

Each member of the NJCAA Board of Regents shall be entitled to one vote at all meetings of the combined Board of Regents.

NJCAA Presidents' Commission  |  Directory

The NJCAA Presidents' Commission provides a platform for national and regional dialogues among member college presidents and assists the association in setting the national agenda and strategic directions.

The NJCAA Presidents' Commission is comprised of 24 to 27 members. One elected by and from each region and a maximum of three (3) at-large members may be selected and submitted by the Presidents' Commission and approved by the Board of Regents to ensure representation of male, female and ethnic minority diversity, scholarship divisions, diversity of presidential experience, and participants from underrepresented regions.

NJCAA Region Leadership  |  Directory

The NJCAA is comprised of 24 regions across the country. Each region is represented by one (1) Women’s Region Director, one (1) Men’s Region Director, one (1) Women’s Assistant Region Director, and one (1) Men’s Assistant Region Director.

Regional representatives are elected by the members of each region for a term of office defined by the members of the region. 

NJCAA Committees  |  Directory

NJCAA Committees are comprised of NJCAA Region Directors that oversee a number of responsibilities throughout the year. These duties include the oversight of national rankings, All-America selections, postseason seeding and at-large selections, and national championship obligations. 

Committee officers and members are elected on an annual basis by the NJCAA Men's and Women's Senior Leadership team. 

NJCAA Councils

To serve the association as a whole, the NJCAA has established councils to oversee and guide a number of initiatives as they relate to the student-athlete experience. These councils, comprised of both NJCAA leaders from member institutions as well as student-athletes, meet regularly to move the association in a positive direction.

NJCAA Coaches Association  |  Directory

The NJCAA Coaches Associations support and enhance the experience and opportunities for NJCAA coaches and student-athletes. The Coaches Associations allow for increased connectivity between the coaches in the NJCAA and the leadership at the NJCAA National Office. The NJCAA Coaches Association is represented by 21 separate associations across the membership. 

The NJCAA Coaches Associations provide an educational component to its members.  In addition, the NJCAA Coaches Associations provide awards to student-athletes. Each group operates as its own entity to support their respective sport, providing an avenue for coaches to provide feedback and advance their initiatives.

Each NJCAA Coaches Association is comprised of elected officials, including but not limited to a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.