Signing Day!

Signing Day is a big day for both the school and the student-athlete.  Both parties want to get the exposure and recognition when the new class commits.  While this is a celebration, be sure that NJCAA bylaws are followed so the party is not spoiled.

Q: Is it permissible for the college to give the signee a t-shirt or similar item to wear designating the school of choice while they sign their LOI?

A: An NJCAA member college may loan a signee a t-shirt or similar item to wear while they sign their LOI for photo opportunities.  The items must be collected back from the signee.  The member college would be in violation if they gave the items to the students and did not collect them back up following the signing.


Q: Is it permissible to print the LOI and have the Athletic Director sign the LOI prior to the signing date?

A: Yes, a member college may print the LOI prior to the signing date and the AD may sign it.  Understand that the recruit has 14 days to sign the LOI and return it to the offering school or it becomes invalid.  The 14 day window begins on the date of issuance. It is not permissible for a recruit to sign the LOI prior to the official signing date.


Q:  Are member colleges permitted to offer any type of agreement/contract for an athletic scholarship other than the official NJCAA Letter of Intent?

A:  No, all athletic scholarships must be documented on an official NJCAA LOI.  Any document other than an official NJCAA LOI is invalid.  a member college who uses an agreement / contract for an athletic scholarship other than the NJCAA LOI is in violation of a sanctionable offense. Sample NJCAA LOI


Q: I received my LOI offer in the mail.  How long do I have to think about my decision?

A: An LOI offer should be signed in a timely manner and returned to the member college who made the offer.  The LOI will expire 14 days from the date of issuance.


Q: Once I sign my LOI, am I permitted to practice with the school even though I wont be on campus until the fall?

A: No, in order to practice with the school you must be enrolled at the school in the current term and have a valid physical on file.


Q: If I sign an LOI with an NJCAA  member college and then later decide i dont want to go to that college, what should i do?

A: By signing the LOI you are committing to that school for one academic year.  You should contact the Athletic Director at the school and request to be released from your LOI.  It is the school’s discretion to release you or not.  When you are released you become recruitable by otherNJCAA member colleges.  If you are not released from you LOI, you remain unrecruitable until June 16th.  If you transfer to another NJCAA member college you will also need a Transfer Waiver from the  first school if your transfer is in the same academic year or the year immediately following the year you were signed to an LOI.

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