NJCAA Division III Oversight Committee

Philosophy Statement

NJCAA Division III programs place the utmost emphasis on their student-athletes’ holistic educational experience and degree attainment. In this pursuit, athletics serve an essential role in the establishment and stabilization of an environment encouraging extracurricular activity as well as cultural, diversity, and gender equity among student-athletes, staff, and administrators alike. Therefore, Division III programs seek to uphold the following principals:

  • No financial support or aid may be given to student-athletes based on their athletic ability;
  • Focus in on the student-athlete experience;
  • Priority given to regional, in-season competition and championship play;
  • Places a priority on geographical representation with at-large bid opportunities in some sports.

These principals reflect the stand of Division III athletics to uphold, promote, and protect the educational experience and two-year degree attainment of their student-athletes, in which athletics play a vital, supplementary role.

NJCAA Division III Council Directory

Name Title
Kristen Schuth
Region 3
Jo Ann Rogers
Region 20
Sadiaa Jones
Region 5
Steve Crittenden
Region 13
Mike Belfiore
Region 15
Dan Blair
Region 21
Roderick Stubbs
Region 17
Katie Amundson
Region 19