Established in 2018, the mission of the NJCAA Foundation is to enhance the NJCAA national organization, student-athletes, member colleges and local communities through financial support, scholarships, program initiatives and community service.


  • Supporting the creation, growth and sustainability of two-year college athletic programs
  • Providing funding for scholarships, community programs and national awards
  • Telling the story of the NJCAA and increasing the exposure of two-year collegiate athletics
  • Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion growth for all colleges and student-athletes
  • Fostering character in student-athletes through fair, consistent rules and play
  • Prepare students to further their education or workforce readiness
  • Providing the necessary resources for technology upgrades, organization operations, and opportunities for student-athletes through the NJCAA

Create Opportunities | Give to the NJCAA Foundation

Imagine providing academic and athletic opportunity to hundreds of thousands of students who would otherwise go unnoticed, or possibly never complete a degree or fulfill their athletic potential. The NJCAA, together with our more than 500 member colleges, has the privilege of doing that every day.

As champions of academic and athletic opportunity, we support the growing number of student-athletes interested in two-year degrees, promote the affordability of the two-year option, and offer the resources needed for student-athletes and member colleges to succeed. We have a shared mission of making dreams come true… and we're looking for more like-minded partners.

Your gift to the NJCAA Foundation will help to support our student-athletes, member colleges, national championships, and the entire association. Together, we can make a difference and create opportunities.